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Hello Clojure. Hello Cursive.

14 November 2016   Clojure

So about a year ago I wrote this post about Clojure and IDEs. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised there was a free non-commercial license available for Cursive, an IntelliJ plugin for Clojure. It’s time to set the record straight.


Hello Clojure. Adiós IDE.

12 October 2015   Clojure

Getting a development environment setup for Clojure is not easy. I thought I’d follow-up my previous Clojure post and discuss my attempt to find a solid Clojure editor setup.


blah hmm Is Apache Spark as significant as the big data vendors are making out? Or is it just all marketing and brand? What is all the fuss about?


The Pyramid of Doom

14 September 2015   Soapbox All-Wrong

No, this isn’t the next instalment in the ‘Indian Jones’ movie franchise! In this post, I want to look at how org charts embody much of the fundamental problems with the way we think about companies and software development.